Ironman Langkawi 2014; Course review

I know it’s quite late to post this, still just in case anybody who is attempting 2014th edition and has not gotten the time to do ma course recce, I hope this is useful.

The swim course :

Am not including the map or a GPS trace for this as it is pretty much straight forward you head straight out from the jetty point for  1.9 km and you turn around. Talking to the local fishermen, they cautioned on the presence mild under currents. But there are buoys every 10m or so.. and hence that should not be a problem. For the weaker ones like me, there also would be enough support crew on kayaks and lifeguards (No chicks, Baywatch style .. 😦 . ) And again the swim course is aligned in East – West direction and we head out to West, hence we will be swimming towards the rising sun on the way back so make sure you have tinted swim googles. The water is a little unsettled and no visibility, anyways if there had been any the Iron Churn would turn it opaque in no time… 🙂 .


The Bike Course : : Bike course GPS Trace, two loops on it.

I was able to go on a recce today and I must admit I was really terrified the first 8 km into the route, it was all hilly and hot. But as you cross the first 16km it eases out a bit and is predominantly a scenic, flat terrain. Today (23 Sep 2014) on my route recce it rained cats and dogs for almost an hour while in the course and I hope it does the same on race day.. 🙂 . It kind of cooled me and the weather down a little and made it all a lot more bearable. Frankly, given the humidity and the temperatures, I would not mind racing totally wet. Thanks for my conditioning in the UK.. 😉 I am kind of immune to rain and even enjoy it. Even otherwise there is ample shade on the route by the overgrowth of teak trees & there was no wind to fight at all, cannot really say if it’s a good thing or bad. I personally would have love a gentle breeze once in a while.. 🙂 . What are you here for ? F***ing Holiday?? Get back to work… 😦 . One more observation was it’s not well signposted nor were any distance markers present as of today due which a couple of riders overshot the U turn, hopefully that will be sorted out or there will be enough Race Marshals to make up for it.

The Run Course :

Yet again not including the GPS trace.
It’s flat short and sweet exactly as in the map. You start from the transition area and then run through some really narrow country roads into the stadium and again run back, doing a total of 4 laps. The route did not actually feel like a 10 k run on the one loop I did and forgot to track the course. Shall do it, in case I find enough time tomorrow…  🙂

Happy Racing folks.. !! See you at the finish line…


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