Starkenn Giant, Banglore – Service Review

I am not a die hard cyclist, I am just a rookie, as in ride once in a while for fun and try to stay fit. I have owned a Giant Defy for more a year now and this meant a lot of firsts for me with the bike, like falling off with the cleats at the first stop, slips & falls on icy roads, a couple of badly judged corners, grit and a couple of others. But both me & the bike have survived these 15 months and sometimes the bike has come out shining, I come just just as pale… 🙂 .

I usually maintain my bike Myself for a couple of reasons, I cannot trust anybody with it ( This was proven true this time) and it is kind of expensive. But this one time a new Gaint showroom came to town( Indira Nagar, Banglore) and I was really excited and wanted to try it and also was tied up for time due to some personnel issues I decided to give Starkenn Giant a go as I had to go on a long 160km ride the next day.

I took my bike to them and was impressed with the showroom at first so offered my bike for a Platinum Class service worth 1400 and odd. First said, they will be able to give it only next day. Then after a little pestering and explaining my situation, they agreed they will manage to give the same day. They assured full clean up of the bike, clean up of the drive train, tuning of the drivetrain, wheel truing and all that needs to be done to make it run like new.

I came back at 20:00 in the evening and realised they were still working on the bike. and at around 20:30 the technician said he had finished the work and offered it to me for a test ride, since it was raining outside and there was traffic ( Think about test riding a bike on Indira Nagar roads on a Saturday evening) I decided to just do a pre delivery inspection and take it, believing Giant could not go wrong with the service.
My Observations
1. Shifters on the handlebar that had twisted after a fall were not re aligned.
2. While tightening the seatpost screw there was squeaky noise that comes when you try to tighten grit. So I conclude it was cleaned under the seat post. They had said they would strip the bike and clean it all and grease all parts Individually.
3. The rear derailleur hanger was bent and it was pointed out that the chain was jumping cogs. Said it will be taken care of, it was not, had to point it out while doing a pre delivery inspection and specifically while taking it out and get it done under supervision. It still was not fixed correctly, on the next day while I was on my ride to Mysore I could not get it to stay on the biggest cog.
4. The wheel was bent due to an earlier fall. Both wheels were not totally true, there was a noticeable judder on the front while breaking. One flat spoke on my Shimano’s RS81 C24 was twisted. I don’t really blame them for it, because I had taken it to be true earlier to a different LBS so not sure who’s twisted it. But the wheels were not true and they said it was the best they could do. Wheels had not been trued till I pointed out and when I pointed out, they just couldn’t find the right spoke wrench.
4.a When i pointed this out to the technician, he told me they had not touched the front wheel, which they were supposed to have trued. Either they did not or they did, either ways they are the culprits.
5. Technician was not aware of what parts go into the bike, asked for a spare rear derailleur hanger and he gave me one that did not match my bike and insisted it was the right one. Had to explain it to him, on how it will not fit.
6. Apart from that, bike was clean in all visible areas, drive train was cleaned well and shifted smoothly while not being properly aligned.
they added a cable end cap for free, I guess for 1400 bucks they can do that.

Again on 27 July 14 took the bike for a long ride to Mysore and the chain was jumping the rear big cog. Could just not get it on it. – One cannot just trust anybody with your bike. They just don’t care, I guess it still is a it’s only a cycle kind of mentality. By the way my bike cost me almost 1.5 lakhs in Indian rupees and that without the import Duties.

I have not serviced my bike elsewhere so am not aware of what the standards are in India, but my observations are here and I will not generalise bike service shops, but I suggest at this price and this quality they are just taking us all for a ride. I would rather suggest get some basic tools & get going to Youtube, they have such amazing stuff and I maintained my bike for 15 months working like a charm before Starkenn Gaint reset my expectations. Thanks Starkenn :-/ .

1. Attention to detail : Below average
2. Component knowledge : Average
3. Over all service experience : Average
4. Overall satisfaction : none
5. Will recommend to friends: Never

This is just my experience.


2 thoughts on “Starkenn Giant, Banglore – Service Review

  1. Hi there,
    First of all thank you for taking the time and penning down your opinion in so much detial. If they read it they should definitally take this as feed back and make some changes. This will also help other cyclists keep an eye out when they go for services.
    I have been a cyclist in bangalore for the past 9 years and now own a bike shop. One of the main reasons that i started a bikes shop is because there isnt much transperence and knoledge in some of the bike stores. On the other hand i also do know that there are some LBSs that are very good at what they do like Bums On the saddle. Why dont you dorp in there or at our store Crankmeister Bicycle Works. We are LBSs run by cyclists, therefore are very passionate about what we do.
    Hope to see you at our store:)

    • Thanks a lot for the note Nikhil,
      With this experience I guess, I will go back to getting some grease on my hands and a little on my face ;-). And I will give your favourites a shot before that… I sure need some professional help… 🙂

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