What reason are you going to find yourself today?

  Very recently a colleague of mine was trying to mock me on my cycling, he apparently found it to be funny that I slogged up and down on my push-bike every day to work about 13 Kms from my home in Leamington Spa, be it rain or shine, I did it. I  am a Pisces and my first reaction to it was that of contempt, but then my reasoning took over and it just looked funny to me. Not that I give a rat’s ass to what anybody thinks about anything I do and this stems from how I see them and think how their experiences in life have been, mediocre  common denominator. The next day, I went to work on my bike again and I felt that I should give that friend of mine a reason, hence the following pictures.


 This is what I cycle through every day and can anybody resist this, to be able to pass through this experience at a romantic pace and if you are lucky sometime a gentle spray giving it a heavenly, mystic feel or a really lucky sunny day like a day in bliss.


    And now to talk about riding in all type of weather. The thing is it does not really matter. The worst things that can happen are snow or frost on the road which means that unless you are a serious pro off-roader you will kiss the asphalt pretty soon as it gets really slippery and there’s not much of traction. And the other thing can be a blessing in disguise or a real pain depending on how you see it, head wind. I have ridden this route to my work for six months straight last year and after am back here on the same route, this is kind of boring in the sense, there’s not a challenge. It’s too routine to be fun & on that perspective a little wind on the head or that tail is always welcome, peps me up a bit. Here in the UK it rains like it a tropical rain forest, but if I have something to cover my back pack it’s as good as on a sunny day. Anyways, if one is doing it right, he/she is going to warm up in the first 5-10 mins, depending on his genes and he/she is going to be wet with sweat after the first 10 mins anyways, so it better be the rain.

Coming to why I am able to do it every day, day after day is a choice by design 😦 . Here in the UK or many other such countries for that matter, daily commute by public services can be really challenging in the sense, they are also expensive. For the cost of a weeks bus pass to my work that is 13 Km, back in India I can fly to New Delhi from my home that is 2500 km. For me I am not yet sure if investing in a car for my daily commute is really a good choice or a wise choice by any measure. Insurance here in the UK can sometimes be as much as the cost of the car itself. Nor do I want to share share a ride with somebody on a regular basis as it brings with it, it’s own set of challenges. So the point is I did not buy a car, and did not sign up with anybody for a car share and the public transport connectivity to work is not the best available. So on any day, rain or shine if I wake up after 6 which I always do, there is no other option, hence by design I am forced to cycle to work. On the upside, there is a marked difference in the energy I have when I am entering my work place, thanks to the Endorphins.

The whole point of this particular post is ” If somebody does not want to do something, he/she will find endless list of reasons on it and if somebody really wants to do something, they will find ways too” . What reason are you going to find yourself today?


6 thoughts on “What reason are you going to find yourself today?

  1. Thumbs up to you for that post. The point is this…. All of us are in different skins….different situations,different surrounding,different priorities,different abilities. We do what we do by chance or choice.I don t see why any body should make a judgement out of it and if they do,should we let it affect us? Your Post is the answer 🙂

  2. bloody hell I love ur writing and this is a facet I didnt know. Remind me to put you in my favourite bucket list for life 🙂 seriously my thoughts resonated thoroughly here, wish I cud reply the same to many 😀 😀

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