End to End: Land’s End- John O’Groats a 1100 mile od·ys·sey, the seeds are sown


This is probably is going to be my route.
To say that the idea came in today would be a lie and am sure it rarely happens to anybody of one flash of an idea making you do something crazy like this. With my own experiences over time, I have started to believe that things like this excite you when you first hear about the somewhere and then slowly and slowly it gets to you.

It was just another regular mailer form Lonely Planet’s top 10 routes to cycle & it was an interesting idea & the fact that I am a newbie only acted like a glue, wanting to do something crazy at least once. In a twist of events I am back in the UK for an year on my work so that’s like I was meant to do it. With how I have done in the past, I am not very excited about the blog thing about it’s continuity. I have found myself to be very moody and lazy sometimes, getting excited too often with a lot of things just for it to fizz out due to various reasons.Some of them being considerations on money and pure lack of interest or worse still about the task being too easy. But this time, I will try to pitch in a little bit more effort and keep a diary of my Epic Journey. Being very frank there’s nothing epic about the ride, as hundreds more have done it before me amid worse conditions and worse equipment, Nevertheless it will be a personnel epic for me. A little measure of the pain that I can endure and the extremes I can survive.

So here goes the first day, first night rather as at the time of writing this post it’s 22:00 here in the UK.

Update 16 July 2013 : Not attempting the ride this year 😦 … Realized it late that, it costs money & time, short on both. Training for Ironman 70.3 due in Oct.


2 thoughts on “End to End: Land’s End- John O’Groats a 1100 mile od·ys·sey, the seeds are sown

  1. A very vague description…hoping for more light into the journey,your company,hardships et al in the next post .Good luck with the ride:-)_

    • Yup right now it is… to be very frank, right now, I don’t even have the bike, I am going to ride on. But in the following posts as I add up on the details, I am sure, I’ll post them.

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